The Titanic Time Heist

Time-traveling thieves, the Titanic, and a heist that goes wrong. Very wrong.

Marina and Fred, thieves from the year 2125, tackle the biggest—and most daring—robbery of their time crime career when they drop onto the Titanic, minutes before its fatal date with an iceberg. They plan to pilfer as much gold and as many jewels as they can before the doomed ship goes down, then pop back to the future with their ill-gotten gains.

A simple plan that soon goes very, very wrong, as Marina and Fred discover tempting fate is the biggest gamble of them all.

Come along on a breathtaking journey aboard history’s most famous ocean liner at the moment of its greatest peril, in this fast-paced, time travel story ideal for reading in one sitting.

– Available through Kindle Unlimited & in Print

The Titanic Time Heist – A Time Travel Suspense Short Story

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