Take a Trip in The Time Tunnel

It’s no secret I love time travel. It’s a lifelong addiction – I first got hooked on the genre as a kid, and my gateway drug was a show called The Time Tunnel.

It was a smart show, with great special effects for the era. Two scientists, one a level-headed pencil-pusher, the other a hot-headed hottie, are flung into the past when they enter an experimental time machine (the tunnel of the title). The guys get bounced around in time (to, conveniently, all the major events we learn about in history class), while the team at central command try diligently to bring them back home.

A kind of mash-up between Quantum Leap (earnest time travelers try to set right what once went wrong) and Gilligan’s Island (no matter what they do, the poor dopes can’t get off that island), it was a show 10-year-old me simply adored, and I watched it whenever I could catch it in reruns. Sadly, the show had only one season of 30 episodes before it was cancelled.

Now I’m all growed up, and not only decided to do a re-watch of the show, but also recap each episode for Time Travel Nexus, the place for all things timey-wimey. I recapped an episode each month for 30 months, beginning with a fun and funny look at the pilot, Rendezvous With Yesterday.

So, why not take some time and head over to Time Travel Nexus for a look – maybe you’ll get hooked the genre too!

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