Picture Perfect (well, sort of)

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my little ol’ blog, wherein I discuss a whole lot of nothin’ for your edification and (hopefully) amusement. This week: Author Photos.

So, with a couple of my manuscripts now out on submission, I think it’s a good time to update my author photo.

This, my current photo, has never been my favorite. I mean, the colors are good and the pose is suitably author-y, but that jaw clench is all George Washington and his painful wooden teeth. What’s more, my expression says, this woman is concerned, this woman is serious. False — I’ve never been concerned, much less serious, a day in my life. Don’t just take my word for it, there are lots of people who’ll swear to my lack of seriousity in court.

So I’m ditching old jaw clench in search of something new. First up, a photo from last year, one of my favorites.

The pose is casual and more ‘me,’ and by that I mean sarcastic, insouciant, unserious, but it also looks as if I posed in a prison yard, and if any setting just screams for a serious expression, a prison yard is it.

Besides, I look far, far too much like my doppelganger and childhood celebrity boyfriend, Charlie Bucket.

So, that’s a no.

How about an author photo that makes me look younger? A fine idea, everyone knows young is where’s it’s at and only total geezers would admit to being born in a year that begins with the numbers 19–. How about this lovely young lady photo gem?

Surely no one will notice it’s basically B&W and I’m dressed like I’m on my way to an anti-war rally at the local draft board, right? Okay, maybe not.


And maybe not this photo either.

It’s a classic author pose. Maybe THE #1 classic author pose. And I really did try to serious-it-up with this one, but oh, that expression! That epic smirk shoots this picture zooming past unserious territory to land squarely in parody-land.

Plus I seem to be punching myself in the jaw, for what reason I do not know, but I’m sure I deserved it.

Whew! All this picture perusing has made me thirsty. Anyone want to join me in a cuppa? No scones, sadly, I’m gluten free, but we can go wild on clotted cream.

There, that’s better, all refreshed and happy, and you know what? I believe we’ve reached the end of my quest for the perfect author photo.

I mean, is there any other picture that shows you who I am? A little whimsical, a little sweet, a lot cheeky, and all me (except for the retouches, of course!). Let me know what you think.

Thanks for visiting and please stop by again (I’m serious about that!).

Janet – No power in the ‘verse can stop me


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    • Thanks, Rhonda, and thanks for stopping by! Our shutterbug is Tim Rice (no, not THAT Tim Rice)and you can find him at timricephoto.com. He does good work and doesn’t mind when his subjects mug it up (in fact, he encourages it).

  1. Hi Janet, I really like your pictures -all a little side of you! Like the blog too. Just reading about publishing in the book Just Write by James Scott Bell. Anyway, happy blogging!

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