My Blog, Chapter One

And so another blogger is born.

What kind of blogger, I haven’t quite figured out yet, so this chapter will be short. That’s good, right? I mean, starting the story with an info dump, or a florid description of the room in which I’m typing, or laying out a long, ponderous, Citizen Kane-style Statement of Principles is guaranteed to send you (and me) to snoozeland.

So, until I figure out what message I want to hurl into the blogosphere’s gaping maw, these promises of what I want to accomplish here will have to suffice:

I promise to avoid windbagism (super tough for me, queen of verbosity; my childhood nickname was “lungs”).

I promise not to take myself too seriously (no problem there, as most of my teachers and employers and children I’ve birthed will tell you).

I promise not to take you too seriously (already don’t).

I promise to make you laugh. Or die trying (well, not literally, I’m not that desperate for approval).

And finally, I promise to be back with something pithy and fun and not too long from now.

Until then, write on! – Janet

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