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world war II men drinking
Beryl Blue

Beryl’s Boys or, Wicked Hammered at the Stage Door Canteen

Story ideas can come from anywhere, a dream, a memory, a random comment overheard in a coffee shop. As for my romance-y WWII-set time travel mystery, BERYL BLUE, TIME COP, the idea came from this picture I found in an antiques shop. Now, it’s no secret I’m a WWII history buff, so when I saw

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time tunnel
Beryl Blue

Take a Trip in The Time Tunnel

It’s no secret I love time travel. It’s a lifelong addiction – I first got hooked on the genre as a kid, and my gateway drug was a show called The Time Tunnel. It was a smart show, with great special effects for the era. Two scientists, one a level-headed pencil-pusher, the other a hot-headed hottie, are flung

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Beryl Blue, Big Damn Finalist!

Lots of this happy dancing thing going on here over the news that I’m a Romance Writers of America 2017 Golden Heart® contest finalist, for my WWII-set time travel, BERYL BLUE, TIME COP. I got the call from the amazing and talented author Tessa Dare, telling me I’m a finalist in the paranormal category. I’m sure she’ll never

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The Spirit of ’76 (1976, that is)

I graduated high school in the Bicentennial year, 1976. Now, I know you’re thinking two things: Goodness, Janet, you look so young (thank you, I graduated when I was 2) and 1976 was a long, long, long time ago. Well, don’t I know it, and if I didn’t, the fact was knocked into my brain

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Picture Perfect (well, sort of)

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my little ol’ blog, wherein I discuss a whole lot of nothin’ for your edification and (hopefully) amusement. This week: Author Photos. So, with a couple of my manuscripts now out on submission, I think it’s a good time to update my author photo. This, my current photo, has never been

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girl writing
Writing life

Words. Mere Words.

Nice blog title, huh? Lyrical, vaguely Shakespearean, bordering on, dare I say it, literary. Quoted from one of my favorite X-Files episodes, Jose Chung’s From Outer Space. The lines, spoken by Charles Nelson Reilly (wearing an ascot, of course), are about the power of words to transform, inspire, amuse, anger, demean, motivate, humble and a

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Me, A-to-Z

Checking in here (blog #2!) with a bit of fun I cribbed from Facebook a while back: A- Age: A number between 1-and-100 B- Biggest fear: Elevators. And moths. Put me in an elevator full of moths and I’d stroke out. C- Current time: Time to goof off, apparently. D- Drink you last had: Tea

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My Blog, Chapter One

And so another blogger is born. What kind of blogger, I haven’t quite figured out yet, so this chapter will be short. That’s good, right? I mean, starting the story with an info dump, or a florid description of the room in which I’m typing, or laying out a long, ponderous, Citizen Kane-style Statement of

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