The Beryl Blue, Time Cop series

Join modern day librarian Beryl Blue on an adventure of a lifetime, to the past, the future, and everywhere in between as she bends time and defies fate to bring a time traveling murderer to justice—and save the man she loves.

Book 1 — out now!

“Six months ago, I was a happy wannabe librarian in the early 21st century. Well, sort of happy. Okay, pretty miserable if truth be told.

But the thing is, after everything that happened, I can never, ever go back.”

If you love time travel, a sparkling historical romance, tough guys and wisecracking dames, plus a dash of mystery, then this first book in the Beryl Blue, Time Cop adventures through time is for you!

Series list

Book 1: Beryl Blue, Time Cop: November 9, 2021

Book 2: It’s Been A Long, Long Time – Spring 2022

Book 3: Until the End of Time – Fall 2022

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