The Beryl Blue, Time Cop series

Join modern day librarian Beryl Blue on an adventure of a lifetime, to the past, the future, and everywhere in between as she bends time and defies fate to bring a time traveling murderer to justice—and save the man she loves.

Book 1

If you love time travel, a sparkling historical romance, tough guys and wisecracking dames, plus a dash of mystery, then this first book in the Beryl Blue, Time Cop adventures through time is for you!

“Six months ago, I was a happy wannabe librarian in the early 21st century.

Well, sort of happy.

Okay, pretty miserable if truth be told.

But the thing is, after everything that happened, I can never, ever go back.”

“Beryl Blue is the heroine we long for…smart, brave, witty, and full of heart. Her adventure through time is one you will not be able to put down until you’ve savored the very last sassy sentence.”

Join Beryl Blue in this second thrilling adventure in the award-winning Beryl Blue, Time Cop series, as she tries to catch a killer and keep her beloved Sully from a fatal date with destiny.

Feisty librarian turned time cop Beryl Blue is off on another journey through time, on the trail of the man who killed her parents. But fate won’t give her a break as she’s whisked back to the summer of 1946, and straight into the arms of the man she loves but can’t be with—Sully. The man whose life is in mortal danger if she ever sees him again.

Time has met its match in Beryl Blue…

Beryl Blue’s third adventure in time finds her hunting for both the man who murdered her parents and a way to keep the man she loves, Tom ‘Sully’ Sullivan, from meeting his fatal date with destiny.

She’s also searching for some answers to her convoluted past, answers that may not be what she expects when she’s sent on a race across the centuries that ends with her back in Sully’s arms. This time she’s not letting go, no matter what time, fate, or destiny has in store.

History, mystery, romance, and a touch of sci-fi collide in this final thrilling adventure of feisty librarian-turned-time-cop Beryl Blue in the award-winning Beryl Blue, Time Cop series.

Series list

Book 1: Beryl Blue, Time Cop – November 9, 2021

Book 2: It’s Been A Long, Long Time – September 27, 2022

Book 3: Every Time We Say Goodbye – November 9, 2023

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