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It’s Been A Long, Long Time:
A Beryl Blue, Time Cop novel

Fate happens when you’re making other plans

Feisty librarian turned time cop Beryl Blue is off on another journey through time, on the trail of the man who killed her parents. But fate won’t give her a break as she’s whisked back to the summer of 1946, and straight into the arms of the man she loves but can’t be with—Sully. The man whose life is in mortal danger if she ever sees him again.

Join Beryl Blue in this second thrilling adventure in the award-winning Beryl Blue, Time Cop series, as she tries to catch a killer and keep her beloved Sully from a fatal date with destiny.

Time has met its match in Beryl Blue!

—Lea Kirk, USA Today Bestselling author of sci-fi romance

Out now!

Beryl’s mission: save the soldier, save the future.
Even if she loses her heart.

Somewhere in Time meets Terminator in this first book of the Beryl Blue, Time Cop series…

Feisty librarian Beryl Blue is hurled from 2015 to WWII, tasked with stopping a time traveling assassin from killing a seemingly random soldier on weekend leave.

The bad guy is one problem, his target is another. Sexy, stubborn Army sergeant Tom ‘Sully’ Sullivan makes it abundantly clear he can take care of himself. Beryl knows the future is screwed unless she can stop a killer, protect a man who refuses to be protected—and keep her heart intact.

If you love time travel, a sparkling historical romance, tough guys and wisecracking dames, plus a dash of mystery, then this first book in the Beryl Blue, Time Cop adventures through time is for you!

“Beryl Blue is the heroine we long for…smart, brave, witty, and full of heart. Her adventure through time is one you will not be able to put down until you’ve savored the very last sassy sentence.”

~Amazon Bestselling Author Suzanne Tierney

Carolyn Finalist Medallion

Finalist, Carolyn Reader’s Choice award

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A Moment After Dark:
A World War II Paranormal Suspense

She sees the future with a touch – a powerful gift in a time of war.
The enemy wants her. The Allies need her.

Addie Brandt considers her ability to predict the future a curse. It’s brought her nothing but ridicule and pain, and she prefers to hide from the world, tending the dead in her family’s funeral home. But when she ‘sees’ a vision of a horrific attack on the Pearl Harbor naval base, the tragedy is too big to ignore, and she sets out to raise the alarm.

Thrown into the path of both a Nazi spy and a tenacious federal agent determined to discover the secrets to her power, Addie must defeat her fears and learn to embrace her gift if she hopes to prevent a disaster that could change the course of history.

A tense, gripping tale of spies and intrigue, a ruthless villain with a fearsome ability of his own, a tough-guy hero with a tender heart, and a resourceful and feisty heroine tested by both outside forces and her own inner demons.

Hi, I'm Janet.

Meet award-winning author Janet Raye Stevens – mom, reader, tea-drinker (okay, tea guzzler), and weaver of adventurous and stealthily romantic tales.

A Derringer Award finalist, Janet’s work has been recognized multiple times, including winning the Daphne du Maurier award for the WWII-set paranormal A Moment After Dark and RWA’s Golden Heart® award for the holiday romance Cole for Christmas. Janet writes mystery, time travel, paranormal, and the occasional Christmas romance with humor, heart, and a dash of suspense.

She lives, writes, and drinks copious amounts of tea at her home in New England.

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